Patient FAQ Topics

Is my account completely free?

Yes, there is no fee for an individual or family account.

Will I have full use of my free account?

Yes, all features in your account are free.

How can I open a family account?

After joining, go to the Manage area and select the membership page. Select the family account option and your account will be configured to enter family members.

How many family members can a family account support?  

A family account can support a spouse and up to 6 children. 

Can I recruit my current providers to join?

Yes, send an invitation from the provider recruiting area of your account.

Can I invite friends to join?

Yes, you can invite friends, family, and co-workers. Send an invitation from the patient recruiting area of your account.

How do I meet providers on the site?

To meet and engage a provider, create a Link Request.

What is a Link Request?

Link Requests are proposals created by patients. Each Link Request is submitted to matching local providers within your chosen distance. Once accepted by a provider, you have locked in the cash price or insurance for the provider. 

How do I create a Link Request?

Go to “Create Link Request” in the top navigation bar of your account. You’ll be prompted to enter a title and select the medical specialty and service required. Depending on your insurance status, you’ll have the option to enter a self-pay price from the fee range or use your insurance. If you have multiple family members in your account, you will be prompted to select the family member who is seeing the provider. You’ll also be prompted to give the provider a general timeframe for your appointment such as 5 days, 30 days, or 90 days. When a provider receives your Link Request they will also see your age (or age of your family member) and insurer (if insured) as entered in your profile.  

Which providers receive my Link Request?

Upon submission, your Link Request is sent to providers whose specialty matches the specialty selected in your Link Request. 

Can I control which providers receive my Link Request?

Yes, choose “Invite Selected Providers” when you create your Link Request and you will be prompted to select from matching providers in your Link Request results.

Can I send my Link Request to all matching providers in my local area?

Yes, choose “All Matching Providers” when you create your Link Request, which automatically invites all matching specialists within 50 miles of your address.

How do I find providers outside my local area?

In the Link Request results, adjust the search distance to find providers outside the 50-mile radius of your address.

What if I want to use my current provider?

Ask your provider to join, then prepare a Link Request and choose "Only Selected Providers". If your provider is a member, their name will be displayed in the results. 

How do I check the progress of my Link Request?

In the My Link Request area, you can view responses, award the Link Request to a provider, or invite additional providers.

Can I invite more providers to review my Link Request later?            

Yes, if you haven't awarded your Link Request already. In the My Link Request, select the Link Request title and choose Invite Providers to search for more providers.  

What happens after a Link Request is accepted by a provider?

Once a provider accepts your Link Request, you still need to hire them by awarding the Link Request or you can wait to see if other providers accept. When you’re ready, choose “Award to Provider” shown under the provider's name in the list of invited or accepted providers.

What happens when I award my Link request to a provider?

Upon awarding a Link Request, a Workroom is created for you and your provider and the Link Request is closed.

How do I create a Link Request for a family member?

In your dashboard, select the family member and you will be directed to the Create Link Request template with the family member pre-selected. You can also use the drop down at the bottom of the Link Request template to select a different family member.  

How can I use my insurance in a Link Request? 

In the insurance status of your Edit Profile page, select the insured option and enter your insurance carrier. Your insurance will be included in your Link Request.

How will I know the cash fee in Link Request?

Our Self-Pay Fee Schedule lists a fee range for each service offered by the provider. When you select the service from the Link Request drop down menu, the fee range will be displayed.

What if there are no providers in my local area on the site?

You can invite local providers to join in the Recruit area or contact them directly and ask them to join. You can also adjust the search radius in the Link Request results if necessary.

What is a Workroom? 

Workrooms are a one-to-one, private connection to your provider. For each awarded Link Request, a corresponding Workroom is created in the My Providers area. 

What are the features of a Workroom?


Request and confirm appointments with your provider. You can request a specific date and time which the provider can accept or change.


Exchange messages with your provider. Messages are relayed to your email account, email addresses are not disclosed. 


Exchange and store files and documents.


Take private notes that you can refer to as needed. Your notes are not visible to your provider. 


Providers can send follow-up notices such as a recommendation for another visit or service. 


Receive and pay invoices.  

How can I see all my activity and Workrooms for each provider?

While in My Providers, select the provider’s name to view a summary of all your activity.

What happens after I see my provider?

The Workroom stays open so you can continue to receive follow-ups, make additional appointments, exchange messages, review notes, receive bills, pay bills, and exchange and access files. 

Can I use the same Workroom for another visit? 

Yes, if it's the same service such as a consultation, confirm that your provider will give you the same price or terms. If it's a different service, create another Link Request to confirm the price or terms with your provider. 

How long does the Workroom stay open?

The Workroom remains open indefinitely so you or your provider can schedule another appointment or continue to communicate as needed. You will also receive your invoice in the workroom. Additionally, you or your provider may want to access past activity. 

Why is there a Workroom for each Link Request?

Our site manages each Link Request as a standalone issue; this allows you to price each service while keeping records and history organized.

What type of doctors can I meet on the site?

We have provider categories for nearly every medical specialty from primary care and pediatricians  to advanced medical specialties. 

What types of dental specialties are available?

Most dental specialties are available including adult and pediatric dentists, periodontists, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, and orthodontists.

What if there are no dentists in my local area on the site?

You can invite local dentists to join in the Recruit area or call them and ask them to join.

How can I find a lab for blood work?

Lab chains are listed by company name as follows: “Labs: LabCorp” and “Labs: Quest Diagnostics.” There may also be  independent and smaller lab chains listed under Labs.

How can I find an imaging center for an MRI, x-Ray or other imaging services?

There are imaging centers listed under the general category of Imaging.

How can I find an urgent care center? 

There are urgent care centers listed under the category of Urgent Care.

How can I find an eye care center or optical store? 

There are eye care centers and optical stores listed under opticians.

Do labs, imaging centers, eye care centers, pharmacies, and urgent care facilities accept Link Requests?

Many of these facilities, particularly chains, will not accept Link Requests. To confirm the price contact these facilities directly. 

What is the meaning of the message “Non-Member Provider, confirm fees and insurance with provider” in the provider profile?

This provider is not a member of the site; however, their profile is listed for your convenience. To confirm the price contact this provider directly. 

What is the meaning of the message “Not Using Link Requests, confirm fees and insurance with provider” in the provider profile?

This provider is a member of the site: however, they are not using Link Requests. To confirm the price contact this provider directly.

How can I save on healthcare costs if I'm insured?

Propose a Fee

If you have a high deductible insurance plan, you may be able to reduce your liability using the Propose a Fee option to propose a self-pay price that is lower than your insurer's negotiated rate. If you don't know your insurer's negotiated rate, choose Propose a Fee to determine your liability and avoid surprise medical costs. 

Accept Insurance as Full Payment

Most insurance policies have a co-pay as well as a deductible. Some providers may waive these costs under certain circumstances such as a financial hardship. If you are struggling to cover these costs and would like to request a waiver of all out-of-pocket expense, choose Accept Insurance as Full Payment in which case the provider accepts compensation from your insurance provider as full payment.

What if I just want to use my insurance?

Select Bill My Insurance when creating your Link Request.

What if I’m going out-of-network or for an elective service or procedure?

Use the Propose a Fee option to lock in a fee within the Self-Pay Fee Schedule.

How can I save on my healthcare costs if I have Medicare?

Propose a Fee

While Medicare offers a low deductible, you can still reduce your out-of-pocket cost. Use the Propose a Fee option to propose a direct-pay fee that is lower than Medicare's negotiated rate. If a service is not covered by Medicare, use the Propose a Fee option to negotiate the best possible price and avoid surprise medical costs.

Accept Medicare as Full Payment

Some providers may waive co-pays and deductibles under certain circumstances such as a financial hardship. If you are struggling to cover these costs, choose Accept Medicare as Full Payment in which case the provider agrees to accept Medicare as full payment. Your provider may require a declaration of financial hardship prior to accepting this option.

What if I just want to use Medicare coverage as customary?

Select Bill Medicare when creating your Link Request.

What if I need a service not covered by Medicare?

Use the Propose a Price option to get the best price from providers in your area.

How can I save on my healthcare costs?

Propose a Fee

Create a Link Request for the provider's services you require. Propose a direct-pay fee within the Self-Pay Fee Schedule to lock in the best fee available.

Why would a provider accept a lower fee for their service?

Providers and dentists are competing for patients and they may be willing to accept a lower fee for their services in order to meet new patients.

Your direct payment offer may be more than a provider would receive from an insurance carrier.

There is also less administrative work and your payment is collected immediately, which may be a benefit to certain providers.

Are there any promotions on the site?

Yes, in certain specialty areas there are Special Offers such as a Free First Visit or $50 Anytime Visit.

How can I find and apply for these Special Offers?

Special Offers are listed in two areas:


In the Special Offers area of your dashboard, there are offers from providers located within 50 miles of your address. Click on their image and you will be guided to the Link Request template with the service and special offer pre-selected. When you submit the Link Request there may be multiple providers or dentists in your results, invite the provider you originally selected, choose additional providers, or invite all the providers.

Services Menu                                                            

Special Offers are also shown in the services drop down menu of the Link Request template. Choose the Special Offers and follow the instructions described above.

Are providers required to accept a promotion?

No, providers are not required to accept a Special Offer or any Link Request.

How can I update my profile?

You can update your profile using Edit Profile.

Can I add family members later?

Yes, you can add family members at any time.

What if my insurance status changes?

Update your profile on the Edit Profile and the change will be reflected in any new Link Requests; however, existing Link Requests and workrooms will not change.

Can I change the email address linked to my account?

You cannot change the email address associated with an account. The best option is to open a new account with the desired email address.

Who can see my profile and information?

Only providers that are invited to review your Link Request or providers you have hired through the site can view your profile and information.

How many providers can I manage with my account?

You can manage as many providers as you need for yourself (if you have an individual account) and your family members (if you have a family account).

What if I change providers, do I lose access or any information?

No, you maintain control and access to your account at all times even if you change providers.

How many family members can I manage in my account? 

You can manage a spouse and your children using your account. 

Will my provider bill me through the site or send the bill?

Your provider can send a bill via the site and may also send a bill to the address in your profile. 

If I Self-Pay, how quickly should I pay my provider’s bill?

If you are paying with Self-Pay and have agreed on a price beforehand using a Link Request, we recommend paying your provider immediately after your visit.

What if I do not agree with the amount billed by my provider?

If your provider’s bill is higher than the agreed fee in the Link Request, contact the provider and inform them of the mistake. Use your Link Request records as reference. 

How do I pay my provider using the site?

Select the pay option located next to the bill and you’ll be prompted to enter a credit card. 

Where are provider invoices shown?

If your provider is billing through the site, their invoice will be found in the billing section of the Workroom. 

What is a group?

Link My Doctor uses groups to bring patients and healthcare providers together in an interactive forum. An employer or organization can use its group to aggregate buying power, resources, and inform members of group discounts, new group providers, and any healthcare iniatives. 

Why should I tell my employer about Link My Doctor groups?

Our groups help employers leverage their buying power at a local, regional, and national level for the purpose of lowering your healthcare costs. The group links you and your family members cost saving discounts and group deals. Your entire family can access healthcare programs and relationships specific to your group.  

Do I pay to particiapte in a group?

No, groups are free for members. 

Do I need to be a full-time employee to participate in an employer group?

No, groups can be used by any employee including part-time and contract workers.  

What if my employer has health insurance?

Groups do not replace insurance. Groups supplement existing benefits by providing incentives, promotions, and group deals that can reduce healthcare costs for both insured and unisured group members. 

How do I link to my employer group?

Your employer will send an invitation which will be received in the notifications area of your account. You can review and accept groups on your edit profile page as well. 

Can I unlink from a group?

Yes; you can unlink at any time. 

Can I belong to more than one group?

Yes, all your linked groups will be listed in your profile.  

Are the family members in my account part of the group?

The group portal will count spouses and children in your account to determine the overall size and buying power of the group.

Will my employer or group administrator see my doctors, records, or any activiity in my account?

No, medical records, providers, and activity are not accessible to the employer or group administrator. Only your profile information including your address, contact information, and family member details are viewable. 


How do I recruit other patients?

In the Recruiting area of your account, go to Recruit Patients. You can send an invitation to patients, friends, and family members by entering their name and email address. 

How do I recruit providers?

In the Recruiting area of your account, go to Recruit Providers. You can send an invitation to providers by entering their name and email address. 

Why should I invite my current providers? 

If your current providers join, you can link to them and aggregate all your healthcare relationships in one convenient account. You can also confirm a self-pay price and determine your out-of-pocket costs before your next visit.  

What if my invitee joins using a different email address? 

If your invitee joins with an email address other than the address used for your invitation, we will not be abe to inform you that they have joined. 

What will be disclosed to the provider who receives my Link Request?

Your Link Request will include the title you entered when creating your Link Request, patient name, age, insurance status, insurer (if insured), self-pay price (if paying cash), and account holder name.

Will my providers see each others activity in my account?

No, a provider can only see his or her own activity.

Can my provider access another provider's files in my Workroom? 

No, only the provider who is connected to your Workroom can access files. 

Are My Notes in the Workman visible to my provider?

No, the My Notes area is for your personal use only.

Can other patients see my account information or profile?

No, only you can access and view your account.

Will my personal information be shared with anyone?

No, personal health information is not shared with third parties.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. 

What is the HIPAA disclosure that I agreed to upon signing?

This document informs you that your information will be accessed and shared with providers on our site. By consenting, you agree to allow us to provide any and all personal health information to providers who access our site on both your behalf and behalf of your family members. 

Is the site HIPAA compliant?

Yes, our site is compliant. 

Where is the site hosted?

Our site is hosted at a third party HIPAA compliant facility based in the United States. The facility specializes in providing HIPAA hosting services to providers and organizations that must meet HIPAA's hosting guidelines. 

Can I use the site for a medical emergency?

No, call 911 immediately if you have a medical emergency. 

Can I use the site for a life threatening illness? 

No, call 911 immediately if you have a life threatening illness.